Turnip Cake (蘿蔔糕 Lo Bak Go)

Radish Cake

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Turnip cake is a soft savory cake that has cured sausages with tones of fragrant daikon combined into one. It is a dim sum staple but can be easily made at home with a few ingredients. 





  • Chinese sausage – Lap cheong can be found in most Asian supermarkets such as 99 Ranch. I like using the brand “kam yen jan”.

  • Chinese cured pork belly – Chinese cured pork belly can also be found in Asian supermarkets and the brand I use is “Orchard Sausages Inc.”

  • Dried baby shrimp – “ha mi” are dried baby shrimps that are slightly salted in flavor. I found these baby shrimps in the refrigerated section at the Chinese supermarket. 

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