Soy Sauce Glaze Chicken

chinese soy sauce chicken

 Soy sauce glaze chicken! When I made this dish, the only way I could describe it is that it is a delicious combination of soy sauce and sweet rock candy.





  • For this particular dish, I love using chicken legs because chicken legs are juicy, tender, and most importantly, forgiving. Even if it was over cooked, it’d still taste amazing! Great for those that are afraid of dry chicken. 
  • To achieve the perfectly juicy cook on the chicken, I first brown the chicken in the pan, which helps close up the chicken so that the juices are trapped in the chicken legs. After that, I deglaze the pan with the soy sauce seasoning, which helps cook the chicken. After that, I simmer the sauce until it’s nice and thick. After the chicken legs are about 90 percent cooked, I then baste the legs with the sauce so that the sauce penetrates the chicken legs for even deeper flavor.