How to Cut a Whole Chicken Chinese Style

how to cut a whole chicken chinese style

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The great thing about mastering how to chop a chicken is that once you learn it, it’s easier to chop other types of meats. Keep reading on and check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to chop a chicken!



  1. Let’s start with the neck. Chop off the head of the chicken and discard. From there, separate the neck from the body by chopping off the neck at its base. Chop neck into 2-inch increments. Pull back chicken feet until the joint pops out, slice through to chop off chicken feet. 
  2. Place the chicken with the butt facing up and use one hand to hold one side
  3. Take the knife and carve right next to the butt and slice down the chicken along the side of the spine. (The spine is too hard to cut, so slicing from the side of the spine is easier to cut chicken in half)
  4. When you get to the bottom of the chicken, chop 2-3 strong chops to cut through breast bone. Set one half of the chicken aside. 
  5. Starting with the first half, cut the wing out by feeling the joint of the drumette and snap the joint off and set aside. 
  6. Use the bottom of the blade to carve out the leg and thigh from the body of the chicken and set aside. The chicken thigh will have a joint that pops out to make it easier to carve. 
  7. After chopping wings and chicken leg, slice down the other side of the spine to separate. Chop in 2-inch increments. You can discard the spine or keep it to eat. 
  8. For breast, use the side of the knife or hands to separate the rib cage bone from the meat and discard the bone.
  9. Chop the breast in two sections if you have a larger sized chicken. Chop through to the bone to enable more precision, and then chop once you reach the bone. Chop in 1-inch increments and then use your knife to bring breast to the plate.
  10. Chicken thigh and legs – Separate the thigh and the legs by finding the joint between the two and slice down to separate. Chop chicken in 1 inch increments so it’s easier to grab with chopsticks. 
  11. Wings – Use the cleaver to separate the drumette and the wing by slicing the joint. 

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