Ginger Green Onion Sauce Recipe

Spicy and savory, this delicious ginger green onion sauce recipe is a Chinese sauce staple for many reasons. 


  • ½ Teaspoons of Salt
  • 1 sprig of green onion
  • 2 thumb size ginger
  • 4 tablespoon of oil (vegetable or corn oil preferable) 


  1. Peel ginger until there’s no skin left
  2. Grate the ginger in a grater and put in a bowl

  3. Cut top and ends of green onion and discard

  4. Chop green onion in ½ cm increments

  5. Place ginger, green onion, and salt in a bowl and mix well

  6. Boil oil at high heat in a pan for a few minutes

  7. When pan starts steaming, pour hot oil into bowl of ginger and green onion. 


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