About Me

Hello and welcome to A Dash of Soy: a blog about food, motherhood, and Chinese culture! I’m Christine – wife to Allen, mom to 2 adorable kiddos, Connor (3), and Mila (6 months), and amateur home cook! 

To me, food is not just simply something we eat. It’s culture and history. It’s love and connection. It’s a feeling and a memory that transports us to a place or a moment back in time. That’s what food means to me. My most vivid food memories were summers spent in Hong Kong;  the hot humidity, the smell of spices wafting through the air, the steam coming from the street carts where I sampled street food like curry fish balls, wonton mein, and rice cakes. During this time,  I developed a deep appreciation and curiosity of my culture through food and over time, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to numerous countries including China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Singapore, where I was able to learn more about other Asian cuisines and cultures and expand my palate.

These days however, as a mom of 2 kids, you’ll find that I’ve traded in my passport for playtime, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My greatest joy in life has been becoming a mother and nothing makes me happier than making a big dinner for my family and hearing my husband and son ask for seconds…usually something with sauce. If I’m not in my kitchen experimenting with a new recipe to cook up for my family, you can usually find me chasing after Connor picking up his toys, and cuddling with Mila. 


Growing up in Hong Kong and then immigrating to the bay area at the age of 3, my dad always made sure my sisters and I stayed rooted in our Chinese culture through food. Upon immigrating to the Bay Area, my dad opened up a chain of Chinese restaurants with everything from seafood to dim sum to HK style cafe and baked goods. Growing up in the restaurant industry gave me a unique insight into the art of Chinese cuisine and helped me learn to appreciate it more. After my dad suddenly passed away when I was 14, I was absolutely heartbroken; left with only my memories of him and the lessons he left behind. Ever since, I’ve made it my goal to do what my dad had wanted for us: for my kids to appreciate their Chinese heritage through food. In what initially started as a cookbook for my kids, A Dash of Soy has grown to become a documentation of my journey as a home cook and mother as well. As a first generation Asian-American and mom myself, I can understand how difficult it is to get dinner on the table let alone learn about a cuisine that is as complex and rich in flavor as Chinese cooking. My hope is that through this blog, I can help demystify Chinese cuisine so that home cooks like me can pass it on for future generations to come.

Thank you for popping by and I’m so glad you’re here! And welcome to A Dash of Soy!