Japanese Chicken Curry Recipe

I’ve been cooking for awhile now but even with all the new dishes that I’ve made over the years, one of my husbands favorite dishes is one that I made since college, Curry Chicken. I know people might think as food bloggers, we make everything from scratch and everything is gourmet. But the truth is,Continue reading “Japanese Chicken Curry Recipe”

Teriyaki Chicken

Hmmm teriyaki chicken! If I had to cast a vote for the most versatile meat to cook with and the most versatile sauce, it would most definitely be chicken and teriyaki sauce! Chicken, as you can imagine, can be made grilled, fried, roasted, baked, boiled! And teriyaki sauce can be paired with chicken, beef, duck,Continue reading “Teriyaki Chicken”

Steam Egg with Dashi

Sometimes as a mom I’m not always prepared and have something defrosted and ready to be made from the refrigerator. It is hard to alway think ahead, so when I have those days where I’m not prepared, I make this simple dish for my family. Steamed egg or “蒸蛋” or “chawanmushi” is a classic dishContinue reading “Steam Egg with Dashi”

Mentaiko Pasta

I first heard about this dish after my sister raved about it when she tried it in New York. She described it as a spicy and creamy cod roe pasta. I remember hearing this for the first time and thinking how odd it was to have cod roe in pasta. What could that possibly tasteContinue reading “Mentaiko Pasta”