Christmas Kitchen Gift Ideas 2020

Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is coming up and there are a lot of AMAZING black friday deals that are already available! Personally, I always take advantage of this time to invest in some cookware. Good cookware will last long and will make cooking in the kitchen so much easier, more fun, which in turn, means many more delicious meals spent around the table! Higher quality cookware will also stand the test of time since you won’t have to repeatedly replace old items. 

While some items can be pricey, during black Friday, there are a ton of great deals and huge price cuts on some of the more pricier kitchen items. I hope everyone is enjoying shopping this year so far! If you have room on your Christmas list, or you need to find a gift for someone that enjoys cooking, feel free to take a look at my list! I hope you find what you’re looking for. Happy shopping and happy holidays everyone!

1. Le Creuset 5 1/2 quart Dutch Oven

I bought this dutch oven for 5 years and it is still going strong, can you believe it? Le Creuset really is truly THE best dutch oven out there. I also use it to slow braise meats like short ribs and beef briskets. You can make soups, casseroles, mac and cheese, anything you want. The heat retention on this pot is the best, so the heat distributes evenly and it is oven-safe. They have new colors all the time, so you can pick a nice color that matches your personality. It is kinda heavy, but I just leave it on my stove because it’s pretty and I use it very often anyway.

2. Vitamix Blender

I’ve used both Ninja and Kitchenaid blenders, but without a doubt, Vitamix is the absolute best. It blends and purées food to the finest and smoothest textures, unlike anything I’ve ever used before. I use the blender for everything; puréeing foods for my baby, making tomato sauce, or making healthy fruit smoothies for my kids. It is a bit pricey, but it’s completely worth it! 

3. Made In Pan

My new favorite pan is the carbon steel made in pan. I cook with a pan everyday, almost every meal, and it was important to me to find one that is durable and good quality. What’s great about the carbon steel is that it works as a nonstick and it is already seasoned. Which means the food you cook will taste better and better over time. But I must warn you – caring for this pan is different. You can’t use soap to clean it and you have to be careful to not leave water on the pan otherwise it will rust. But it is worth it because you are putting in years of seasoning into the pan, and it builds flavor that will last in your food.

Made In Carbon Steel Pan

4. Santoku Shun Knife

The prep knife that I use to prep every meal is the Santoku Shun knife. Its sharp blade, precision, and easy grip makes it easy to cut vegetables and prepare ingredients quickly to cook. I’ve had this knife for years and it is still working perfectly. Having a sharp knife is key in a working kitchen and I guarantee you that you will use a Santoku knife more than any other knife in your kitchen.

5. Potluck Knife Set $60

Another direct-to-consumer company I love is Potluck. I got this knife set for only $60 and it includes 3 knives. I was surprised as to how often I reached for the chefs knife to cut everything. While a chefs knife is mostly used for butchering meats, slicing steak, it can also be used as a prep knife too. These knives are really high quality and the price point is pretty reasonable and affordable.

Potluck 3 piece knife set $60

6. Heath Ceramic Plates

A local cookware company that is based out of San Francisco, you will likely see Heath ceramic plates at a lot of upscale restaurants in the Bay Area. The simple, elegant, and Japanese-inspired design makes Heath ceramics one of the most beautiful plateware companies. My sister bought these plates for me for my birthday, and I absolutely love using them to plate my dishes!

Heath Ceramics Plateware

7. Hearth and Hand with Magnolia

I recently bought some beautiful plates from target that is by Hearth and Hand with Magnolia. These plates are sturdy, affordable, and super pretty. I’ve been using these plates and bowls a lot and I love the rustic design of the plateware.

8. Yeti Coffee Tumbler

One thing I can’t live without in the morning is coffee. But I am also the slowest coffee drinker which is why my coffee always gets cold. I’ve used many different kinds of coffee tumblers, but Yeti is the best coffee tumbler by far! It keeps my beverages hot or cold for up to 5 hours! Because of this, I now have three coffee tumblers as well as a thermos for keeping Mila’s milk cold.

9. Crate and Barrel Prep Bowls

I bought these prep bowls 6 years ago when I got married, and I’m still using them. They don’t have the exact same ones at Crate and Barrel anymore, but the design is still the same. I love all sizes of these prep bowls come in, especially when prepping different kinds of foods. But what I love most about them is how much space it saves because of how well it stacks perfectly, especially in a smaller space like ours.

Crate and Barrel Prep Bowls

10. Cuisinart Toaster Oven

I was skeptical at first about putting the toaster oven in my kitchen because I have really limited counter space in my kitchen. But it is a perfect piece for my kitchen that I use all the time. Without turning on my big oven, I can conveniently toast bread, bake lunch, make one or two cookies, and roast sweet potatoes for my baby. This size is perfect for cooking smaller items, and is convenient for day to day meals. 

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