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Growing up Chinese, we’ve always learned that soup is life. Early on, it was ingrained in us that soup is more important than drinking water and it’s easy to understand why. Chinese soups, unlike your average American soups aren’t just savory and delicious. Nope, Chinese soups are aimed at curing specific ailments, such as pain, illness, helps to nourish our bodies, and overall increases immunity. The combination of herbs and meat is comforting, soothing, and nutrient-dense. 

When I first got pregnant, people often told me the importance of taking care of my body pre- and post-partum. I was told that I needed to drink a lot of soup to nourish my body. At first, you kind of assumed that it’s an old wives tale, that soup is a cure all for everything. But I have to say, if i didn’t believe it when I was a kid, I sure became a believer after I got pregnant. With my first kid Connor, I didn’t drink as much as I would have liked due to the stress after his birth. It was a tough transition especially as a first time mother. But by the second baby, I did everything in my power to stay nourished by drinking lots of soup and I have to say, my recover was SO much better. I had family to help me and to make me soup which was a blessing, but understandably, making Chinese soup on your own can be intimidating! Whether you grew up drinking your mom’s soup or you’ve recently discovered the magical power of Chinese soup, it’s fair to be overwhelmed by the laundry list of ingredients that you likely won’t find at your local Safeway. 

Luckily, my friends over at Soup Queens who makes prepackaged soup kits, makes it SO easy for me. Even though I am second generation Chinese, even I don’t even know all of the herbs needed to make some of my favorite soups. And as a busy mom of 2, I love that everything is portioned out, so that all I have to do is throw everything in and follow the instructions. Super easy! 

Lastly, the soup kits come in a variety of different soup flavors including self care, recovery, detox, etc. Sometimes I like to drink detox because it’s known to be great for your skin. Other times I like the recovery, because it’s more hearty and rich in flavor. And lastly, I like the postpartum because it’s super nourishing! Rather than having a bunch of different sets of herbs that end up sitting in my pantry, I love that these kits are packaged with the right proportions for me to make a simple and delicious soup quickly for my family. Convenience aside, these soup kits are simply quality-made. I know that because I had my mom review the ingredients and she actually approved! And why? Because Soup Queens is a family business. Soup Queens was inspired by the grandma of the owner/founder, who used to make soups for her and her family.

Whether your mom and grandma lives 5 mins or 5 states away, Soup Queens makes you feel right at home with these delicious, hearty, and nutritious soups. My pantry is packed with these kits and will be perfect for the family during winter time. 

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