Top 5 Chinese New Year Recipes

Chinese new year celebrates the start of the new year under the lunarsolar Chinese calendar. Each dish and food you eat over the Chinese holiday is suppose to be symbolize a blessing for the upcoming year. The many traditions varies by regions, but for the most part the whole family gathers over Chinese new year to celebrate the new year and elders give lai see (利事) to younger unmarried family members. The two big meals to look out for are the (年三十) which is the day before Chinese new year and the first of the new year. The day before new years is a big gathering dinner with family, celebrating togetherness of family. New years day is the beginning of the new year where everyone gives red envelopes to kids while kids say good luck greetings to their elders. With all these meals to prepare for, i’ll show you 5 easy dishes you can serve for Chinese new year! 

1. Radish Cake

Man, there is a pun in every single dish, but “go” in radish cake also sounds like “high” in chinese, which is hoping that this year you will have rise above and go to the next level this year. Radish cake aka turnip cake aka daikon cake or whatever you call it, is not actually a cake. In fact, it’s a very savory dish consisting of radish, cured meats, dried shrimp that is typically enjoyed during dim sum at Chinese restaurants. It’s a simple dish, with just a few humble ingredients, and it’s perfect to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 

Daikon Cake
Chinese Radish Cake

2. Ginger and Green Onion Steamed Fish

Fish in chinese also sounds like “remaining surplus” which is hoping that you will be a surplus of money this year! I have to emphasize that you have to make a whole fish because it is also good luck that you follow through from head to the tail. Steamed fish with green onion and ginger is a super light and easy dish to make. It takes less than 30 mins and it serves up to 3-4 people! I really hope you love this classic Chinese staple as much as I do. If you do, please comment below! Enjoy!

Chinese steamed fish
Steamed Fish with Ginger and Green Onion

3. Steam Chicken with Ginger and Green Onion Sauce

  1. Just like a chicken that is pregnant brings good news, this dish is hoping that this year will bring you good news! Steamed chicken, just like its name, is chicken that is seasoned lightly with salt and steamed on a rack for 16 minutes and then glazed and served with a side of green onion and ginger sauce. 
Steamed Chicken with Ginger and green onion
Chinese steamed chicken.

4. Boiled Shrimp with Soy and Chili Sauce

A chinese saying is hoping that you will laugh throughout the new year because shrimp in chinese sounds like “haha”! I’m sharing with you a steamed shrimp recipe “白灼虾” that you can make at home that is cheap, easy, and delicious. This recipe is super simple. In Chinese cooking, when the seafood is fresh, we like to keep the seasoning minimal in order to really let the seafood flavor shine. 

Boiled Shrimp with Soy and Chili Sauce
Chinese Boiled Shrimp

5. Dumplings

Eating dumplings is a tradition and bonding between family members that brings the whole family together. This tradition continues to be past on to later generations and is one of my favorite traditions to do with my own kids! These pork and chive dumplings are delicious and comforting and super easy to make! These dumplings can be pan fried (pot stickers commonly known as guo tie) or steamed or in soup (shui jiao), depending on how you feel.

Chinese shrimp dumplings
Chinese Pork Dumplings

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