Chinese Tomato Egg Stir Fry

Chinese tomato egg stir fry is a savory saute dish that combines a soft scrambled egg with juicy sweet tomatoes. The earthy tartness from the tomato aids digestion and is incredibly appetizing. My mom actually said to me while I was composing this recipe, “isn’t this kinda easy?” In theory, every dish can be reallyContinue reading “Chinese Tomato Egg Stir Fry”

Ginger Green Onion Sauce Recipe

Spicy and savory, this delicious ginger green onion sauce recipe is a Chinese sauce staple for many reasons. It is the perfect pairing with a bowl of rice and the best combo with steamed chicken. In my household, I make this simple sauce all the time and the great thing about Ginger is that itContinue reading “Ginger Green Onion Sauce Recipe”

Japanese Chicken Curry Recipe

I’ve been cooking for awhile now but even with all the new dishes that I’ve made over the years, one of my husbands favorite dishes is one that I made since college, Curry Chicken. I know people might think as food bloggers, we make everything from scratch and everything is gourmet. But the truth is,Continue reading “Japanese Chicken Curry Recipe”

Chinese Green Onion Pancake

Chinese green onion pancake or “ 葱油饼” is a savory, flaky, flatbread folded with oil and scallions. It is a popular Chinese dish that is known to be a street snack as well as an appetizer at restaurants. When done right, a scallion pancake has layers of flavor and texture: crispy on the outside, chewyContinue reading “Chinese Green Onion Pancake”

Wasabi Poke Recipe

Summer is around the corner and I don’t know about you, but when the weather gets hot, I always think of my happy place: Hawaii. I love going to Hawaii with my family because it is so relaxing! Warm sand, sunny weather, and delicious food! Whenever I vacation in Hawaii, my absolute favorite go-to isContinue reading “Wasabi Poke Recipe”

Chicken Lo Mein

Chicken lo mein 鸡撈麵 is one of the easiest Chinese dishes you can make at home. You really can’t mess it up. I always used to make this dish in high school when I didn’t know how to cook, but I wanted a taste of some Asian noodles. You can adjust the sauce to yourContinue reading “Chicken Lo Mein”

Chinese Pickled Cabbage Pork Noodle Broth Recipe

When you have a hangover or feeling a bit under the weather, do you ever just want a steam bowl of brothy noodle soup? Yes? Me too. All the time! Well, if you can’t venture out to get noodle soup, I’m telling you can always make it at home yourself with this super simple andContinue reading “Chinese Pickled Cabbage Pork Noodle Broth Recipe”

Hong Kong Claypot Rice (臘味煲仔飯)

When winter rolls around, the first thing that comes to mind is 煲仔飯 or Chinese claypot rice. Before there was the instant pot, there was claypot: the original one-pot meal. With claypot rice 臘味煲仔飯 you have everything you need for a delicious and satisfying meal: protein, vegetables, and rice! Claypot rice is the perfect mealContinue reading “Hong Kong Claypot Rice (臘味煲仔飯)”

Soy Sauce Glaze Chicken

These days, while I’m home in my kitchen, I’m always thinking about what sauce will leave my two sauce-lovin’ boys asking for more.  Which brings me to my latest creation: Soy sauce glaze chicken! When I made this dish, the only way I could describe it is that it is a delicious combination of soyContinue reading “Soy Sauce Glaze Chicken”

Sichuan Mapo Tofu Recipe

I used to wonder why people would order Mapo tofu all the time at my restaurant. I didn’t eat it growing up so I didn’t get what the big deal was. But after I had it, I understood the allure of it. The soft silky tofu combined with the fragrant spices mixed into the meat.Continue reading “Sichuan Mapo Tofu Recipe”