Mango Sago Recipe (Hong Kong)

Summer is here and I don’t know about you, but I am always craving something cold, icy, and sweet! While it’s easy for me to go straight to the ice cream, sometimes, I want something that’s more than just sweet, but also refreshing! And nothing is more refreshing to me than a big bowl ofContinue reading “Mango Sago Recipe (Hong Kong)”

Kumquat Scones

Have you ever tried a kumquat? It’s not a fruit that is commonly known, but I like to think of it almost as a mini mandarin orange. My mother-in-law has a beautiful little kumquat tree in her yard. I never ate it before and I never really had a desire to try it. But whenContinue reading “Kumquat Scones”

Coconut Bird Nest Soup

Birds nest soup is one of the most extravagant culinary foods in Chinese culture. It has been around for 400 years and is prized for its rarity, its nutritional benefits, and for its texture to taste. Because of its delicate nature, it is recommended to pair milder ingredients with bird nest so you can taste theContinue reading “Coconut Bird Nest Soup”

Red Date Tea

History of Red Date Tea During Chinese tea ceremonies, a Chinese wedding tradition in which the soon-to-be-married couple serves tea to their elders, there is a customary saying called, “早生贵子,” in which the elders gives well wishes for the couple to, “soon give birth to precious children.” Red date tea 红枣水 symbolizes two things: (1)Continue reading “Red Date Tea”