Bok Choy Vegetable

There are a few types of bok choy breeds in markets. The bok choy “大白菜” is commonly referred to napa cabbage. The bok choy 小白菜 is commonly used in Cantonese cuisines and it has a darker leaf with a crunchier white stem at the bottom of the plant. The more common bok choy seen in american supermarkets is the “shanghai bok choy” which is greener in the leaf, and has a nice green bulb at the stem. 

Ways to make it: Bok Choy is a vegetable that packs a little crunch, so sauteing bok choy is a good way for it to keep its nice soft crunch. I also like it soaked in a nice supreme chicken broth, or steaming can retain more of its nutrients. 

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