Bok Choy Vegetable

There are a few types of bok choy breeds in markets. The bok choy “大白菜” is commonly referred to napa cabbage. The bok choy 小白菜 is commonly used in Cantonese cuisines and it has a darker leaf with a crunchier white stem at the bottom of the plant. The more common bok choy seen in americanContinue reading “Bok Choy Vegetable”

Pea Shoots Vegetable

Pea shoots “大豆苗” is one of the most expensive Asian vegetables. It may be because it is a seasonal vegetable and there’s a small window to eat this vegetable every year. It is very popular with Asian people, because not only is it highly fibrous, it is believed that eating pea shoots can prevent cancer.Continue reading “Pea Shoots Vegetable”

Choy Sum Vegetable

Choy sum “油菜心” is a common leafy green vegetable in Chinese cuisine. It is a flowering cabbage because the vegetable has yellow flowers growing out of the “heart” of the vegetable. It is similar to gai lan in that the stem is hard with leafy petals on top. Choy sum is available year round, andContinue reading “Choy Sum Vegetable”