How to Shop at Asian Supermarket

If you’re looking to add some flavor to your cooking, an Asian grocery store is a great place to start. Here are some essential ingredients that you’ll find at most Asian markets. Shopping at an Asian market can be intimating, there is a lot going on, there are many food and produce native to specificContinue reading “How to Shop at Asian Supermarket”

How to Cut a Whole Chicken Chinese Style

When people think about Chinese food, the same dishes usually come to mind: beef and broccoli, egg rolls, sweet and sour pork, orange chicken, mushu pork, chow mein, fried rice, etc. Which is basically the entire menu at Panda Express and what we call Americanized Chinese food. Admittedly, as delicious as those dishes are, they’reContinue reading “How to Cut a Whole Chicken Chinese Style”

How to Cut Live Dungeness Crab at Home

In Chinese culture, nothing says fresh like seeing your seafood swimming around alive in the tank. I remember growing up, I used to poke and prod at the tank and watches as the crabs walked across the tank. My dad always used to joke that the crabs that put up the biggest fight, were oftenContinue reading “How to Cut Live Dungeness Crab at Home”

7 Steps to Make Scrambled Eggs Fluffy

Growing up, I mostly ate Chinese breakfasts: congee, macaroni soup, and Chinese pastries. Scrambled eggs were never something we ate for breakfast and when we did, it was often dry, flavorless and well sometimes, came out of a carton. But then on one fateful trip to Hong Kong, I was introduced to the best scrambledContinue reading “7 Steps to Make Scrambled Eggs Fluffy”

Top 5 Best Trader Joe’s Foods

Shopping these days can be a very intense experience. You’re in a rush because you don’t want to stay in the store too long, and when there’s a lot of people around you begin to get anxiety. Gone are the days where you can leisurely shop and take your time. Which is why, when youContinue reading “Top 5 Best Trader Joe’s Foods”

5 Easy Steps on How to Saute Vegetables Properly

Growing up in a chinese household, my go-to is always Asian vegetables: bok choy, gai-lan, choy-sum, Chinese chives, you name it. While I love eating salad, I love how simple and comforting Asian vegetables can be. It can be steamed, grilled, or my favorite method, sauteed with garlic. I loved that these vegetables were soContinue reading “5 Easy Steps on How to Saute Vegetables Properly”