Ginger Green Onion Sauce Recipe

Spicy and savory, this delicious ginger green onion sauce recipe is a Chinese sauce staple for many reasons. It is the perfect pairing with a bowl of rice and the best combo with steamed chicken. In my household, I make this simple sauce all the time and the great thing about Ginger is that itContinue reading “Ginger Green Onion Sauce Recipe”

Egg Sandwich Recipe Breakfast

In Hong Kong, the perfect breakfast is a soft ham and egg sandwich (火腿蛋三明治) paired with a creamy macaroni soup and a piping hot milk tea. That is a heavenly combination, and if you’ve ever been to Hong Kong my favorite place to go to is Australia dairy company for their perfect soft bread andContinue reading “Egg Sandwich Recipe Breakfast”

Chinese Steamed Shrimp

Do you ever see the freshwater prawns in the water tanks in Chinese restaurants? Well, what if I told you, you can save money from cooking it yourself? Because you absolutely can. Today I’m sharing with you a steamed shrimp recipe “白灼虾” that you can make at home that is cheap, easy, and delicious. ThisContinue reading “Chinese Steamed Shrimp”

Spicy Chicken Feet

What’s your favorite snack? Mine HAS to be chicken feet. This is my second chicken feet recipe and I said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s like eating a bag of chips for me. Chicken feet is such a nice and savory snack. But unlike a bag of chips, chicken feet have aContinue reading “Spicy Chicken Feet”

Shanghai Breakfast Rice Roll (Ci Fan)

Ci Fan or “粢饭” is a Chinese breakfast burrito in a sense. In Asia, this is a grab-and-go easy breakfast dish that is both hearty and filling. The “sticky” rice is a sweet glutinous rice, and the stuffings are interchangeable. But the most common fillings are a nice crispy Chinese doughnut with pork floss stuffedContinue reading “Shanghai Breakfast Rice Roll (Ci Fan)”

Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs

Tea leaf eggs is a Chinese snack that is a casual dish served at various convenience stores and street carts in Asia. Tea leaf eggs are essentially a simple soy marinated egg that is easy to make and can last up to 3-4 days in the fridge. If you make a small batch at aContinue reading “Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs”

Japanese Crab Salad

It’s Memorial day weekend! Which means, it’s officially the start of summer! This summer, skip bringing a boring Caesar salad and make a Japanese crab salad instead? I personally LOVE this salad. It’s cold, crunchy, and it’s just simply beautiful to look at. The Japanese crab salad has artificial crab, crunchy cucumber, and bursts ofContinue reading “Japanese Crab Salad”

Asian Charcuterie Board

It is officially spring and one thing that pops into my mind – other than fresh blooming flowers – are picnics. But a picnic out in the grass is not complete without a nice charcuterie board. I personally love charcuterie boards, because I am more of a snacker at heart. The cheeses, cured salami, andContinue reading “Asian Charcuterie Board”

Chinese Green Onion Pancake

Chinese green onion pancake or “ 葱油饼” is a savory, flaky, flatbread folded with oil and scallions. It is a popular Chinese dish that is known to be a street snack as well as an appetizer at restaurants. When done right, a scallion pancake has layers of flavor and texture: crispy on the outside, chewyContinue reading “Chinese Green Onion Pancake”

Wasabi Poke Recipe

Summer is around the corner and I don’t know about you, but when the weather gets hot, I always think of my happy place: Hawaii. I love going to Hawaii with my family because it is so relaxing! Warm sand, sunny weather, and delicious food! Whenever I vacation in Hawaii, my absolute favorite go-to isContinue reading “Wasabi Poke Recipe”